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How to adjust the fit of your Raon Golf Pack

With its unique, patent-pending hiking-pack design, the Raon Golf Pack features adjustable ergonomic straps for your shoulders, hips, and sternum. Paired with an ergonomic back panel, this design shifts the weight of the fully-loaded pack to your hips and legs, allowing you to walk more naturally without strain or wasted energy.

To find your perfect fit, start by completely loosening the shoulder, hip, and sternum straps. You’ll want the weight…

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Why we enjoy the walk

Why We Enjoy The Walk

It’s just you and your clubs—out in the field, armed and ready. This is what golf is all about. Forging friendships and feeling healthy while walking the hallowed turf. From early spring when the buds are sprouting to frosty fairways in the fall—walking a golf course is unlike any feeling in the world.


Step onto your first tee box and leave the world behind. This moment…

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How to pack your Raon Golf Pack

How To Pack Your Raon Golf Pack

The Raon Golf Pack introduces a highly functional design inspired by a hiking backpack that offers more storage options, compartments, and features than any golf bag on the market. This guide will help you pack it for optimal comfort, convenience, and performance on the course.


One of the keys to pack comfort is keeping heavy items high and close to your back. To…

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