How to adjust the fit of your Raon Golf Pack

With its unique, patent-pending hiking-pack design, the Raon Golf Pack features adjustable ergonomic straps for your shoulders, hips, and sternum. Paired with an ergonomic back panel, this design shifts the weight of the fully-loaded pack to your hips and legs, allowing you to walk more naturally without strain or wasted energy.

To find your perfect fit, start by completely loosening the shoulder, hip, and sternum straps. You’ll want the weight of the bag to be similar to what you’ll be carrying on the course, so be sure to have it packed with your clubs and gear. Learn the secrets to packing your Raon Golf Pack here.

Step 1: Hip Belt

With the pack on your back, buckle the hip belt strap around your waist and tighten it until you can comfortably fit two fingers between each hip and the belt.

Step 2: Shoulder Straps

Grab the ends of each strap at the same time and pull down and back to tighten them evenly. The shoulder straps should fit closely to keep the pack against your back. The point where the top of each strap connects to the body of the backpack should be 1-2” below the top of your shoulders.

Step 3: Sternum Strap

The sternum strap rests on your chest and is anchored on both sides to the shoulder straps. Buckle it and then tighten until each shoulder strap is comfortably pulled inwards from your shoulders and your arms can move freely.

Now you’re now ready to golf. As you play and get used to the pack, you may find yourself wanting to fine-tune the fit, which is easy to do, even while walking.