Why we enjoy the walk

Why We Enjoy The Walk

It’s just you and your clubs—out in the field, armed and ready. This is what golf is all about. Forging friendships and feeling healthy while walking the hallowed turf. From early spring when the buds are sprouting to frosty fairways in the fall—walking a golf course is unlike any feeling in the world.


Step onto your first tee box and leave the world behind. This moment is all that matters as you take your first stroke. With 18 ahead, every step is a moment to reflect, ponder, and focus. Walking the course is an ethereal experience, a string of moments that no cart can provide. Awareness becomes heightened as you take in the crisp air, freshly cut grass, and the flapping flag of the approaching pin. When you walk, you become one with your clubs and the terrain, absorbing details that would otherwise fly by.


Walking enhances your strength, stamina, and swing. With the proper golf bag, you can preserve your back and shoulders, saving strength for the game ahead. Carrying a bag also burns more calories than using a caddy, riding in a cart, or pushing a bag. These physical benefits support your heart and improve our overall health. Walking also keeps you warmed up, preparing your muscles for each swing, stroke, wedge, and putt.  Your body stays loose, thus reducing possible risk of injury.


Golf is a game of comradery, and walking 18 holes is its own kind of bonding experience. We often start the round as strangers, only to finish as lifelong friends. Walking the course allows us to converse at a thoughtful pace. We share strategies, offer suggestions, admire the views, and feel the fortune we have for being on the field at that moment. Business plans are made, memories get rekindled, and stories are shared. Whatever the conversation, the social interaction while walking 18 holes is a unique experience unlike any other.