Our passion is golf

We are golfers who believe the heritage of our sport should be preserved. We spend hours walking the course, appreciating every step as we take in the terrain and scenery. Foul weather doesn’t stop us from enjoying our sport; neither should the bag we carry. The Raon Golf Pack is a product born from necessity, supporting our game and our lifestyle so we can perform at our peak.


Born from necessity and a passion for golf

For many golfers, walking the course is the only way. However, the strain of carrying a fully loaded golf bag with only shoulder strap support causes tension, soreness, and fatigue, often lasting long after the round. The pains are a common complaint on the course and it was a lack of solutions in the market that lead Raon Golf’s Founder and Product Designer, Nick Mancuso, to develop a new solution.

As an outdoor equipment developer; this was not Mancuso’s first foray into developing a new idea. He is often tinkering, testing, and developing new concepts on the trail, mountain, or water. It is through his experience developing hundreds of backpacks that he realized there must be a better way to carry golf clubs and equipment.

The idea for the Raon Golf Pack started as a personal passion; a simple desire for a golf bag that did not strain the shoulders, neck and upper back. Simply put, a golf bag that would not get in the way of shooting the best score possible.

Mancuso was determined to understand biomechanics—the study of muscular, joint and skeletal actions—to find a more efficient load-carrying system that would reduce impact on the body. It was through this study that he learned how excessive forward lean and restricted torso movement burns more energy and increases overall strain on the body.

Mancuso then set out to design a bag that would reduce forward lean, free up the torso, and allow for walking with a natural posture. This meant building a golf bag with more support to transfer the load from the shoulders to the hips and core. The initial prototype combined an old golf bag with a stripped down backpack harness. It was wildly unsuccessful, however the concept focused the direction as he worked through countless stages of developing the Raon Golf Pack.


“I am interested in satisfying golfers who truly care about the game, and who are true to golf’s heritage of walking the course. The Raon Golf Pack is for forward-thinking consumers seeking a better way to carry their golf clubs.” 

– Nick Mancuso, Product Designer and Founder