Born from a necessity and a passion for golf

The best golf bag is one that does not get in the way of shooting the best score possible. The Raon Golf Pack was created with this idea in mind. For many golfers, the best way to experience the game is by walking the course. However, lugging around a fully-loaded golf bag can quickly lead to tension, soreness, and fatigue – problems that can affect your score and often linger long after the round has ended. 

This golf pain is a problem that many people have been trying to solve for years. But with no real solutions on the market, we developed our own idea and founded Raon Golf to create golf equipment carrying solutions tailored specifically toward improving your performance. 

A better way to carry your clubs and golf equipment

As seasoned in the outdoor equipment industry who have been developing new ideas for years, we are often testing and refining our concepts on the trail, mountain, or road to see what works best. It was through this experience of developing outdoor equipment that we realized there must be a better way to carry your golf clubs and equipment.

Determined to understand biomechanics (the study of muscular, joint, and skeletal action), we started developing an innovative golf bag with a more efficient load-carrying system that would reduce the impact on the body. It was through this study that we learned how excessive forward lean and restricted torso movement burns more energy and increases overall strain on the body.

We then set out to design the most supportive golf bag possible that would reduce forward lean, free up the torso, and allow for walking with a natural posture. This meant building a golf bag with more support from a back panel to transfer the load from the shoulders to the hips and core.

The initial prototype combined an old golf bag with a stripped-down backpack harness. This first backpack golf bag was wildly unsuccessful, however, the concept focused the direction as we worked through countless stages of developing the Raon Golf Pack.

Golf is a lifelong sport enjoyed by people of all ages. Though it is often thought of as a leisurely activity, golf can be quite physically demanding, particularly when it comes to carrying clubs. In fact, we are just beginning to uncover the best methods for carrying golf clubs while creating the least amount of force on the body as possible. Studies have shown that carrying equipment with a load-distributing harness system can alleviate strain on the body. In addition, carrying golf clubs in a backpack also allows you to have both hands free, which can be helpful when walking on uneven terrain.

The Raon Golf Pack

A roomy and lightweight golf bag that comes with tons of handy pockets and compartments. And the best part? It’s ergonomic—no more aching shoulders or backs after carrying your bag around the course.

The meaning behind our name

We are walking golfers who believe in preserving the history and heritage of our sport. We spend hours walking the course, appreciating every step. The word “Raon” comes from an old Scottish term for an open field, or space where people could practice their sports without boundaries. Find your own tee!

An old-world-style golf course located along the shoreline in St Andrews Scotland,

“I am interested in satisfying golfers who truly care about the game, and who are true to golf’s heritage of walking the course. The Raon Golf Pack is for forward-thinking consumers seeking a better way to carry their golf gear.”

— Nick Mancuso, Product Developer and Founder

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