How to pack your Raon Golf Pack

How To Pack Your Raon Golf Pack

The Raon Golf Pack introduces a highly functional design inspired by a hiking backpack that offers more storage options, compartments, and features than any golf bag on the market. This guide will help you pack it for optimal comfort, convenience, and performance on the course.


One of the keys to pack comfort is keeping heavy items high and close to your back. To achieve this, the Raon Golf Pack features a club compartment that is narrower and taller than traditional golf bag designs. When paired with the positioning of the club compartment on the backpack, this design keeps the clubs higher and closer to the body than traditional golf bags for better balance with your natural center of gravity.


Place spare balls in the large sleeve inside main compartment against the back wall. This will keep the balls from rolling around inside the large main compartment, while also keeping them as close and low against the back as possible. A spare ball can be stored in the pocket on the waist belt for quicker access. Be mindful of how many balls you carry. Research shows you only need 4-6 max. Eliminating eight balls can shave a pound of weight, and after walking 18 holes that can make a big difference.


Another heavy item, water should be kept as close to your back as possible. This is why the Raon Golf Pack includes a sleeve inside the backpack’s main compartment for store a hydration reservoir. An access port through the top of the pack makes it easy to route the tube for drinking on the go.


Included pouches for tees, ball markers, and divot tools are easily organized and accessed in the backpack’s external front pockets.


Lighter items like a rain jacket, windbreaker, or extra layer for warmth are best stored in the backpack’s spacious main compartment.


Organize these items by storing them in the external pockets near the base of the golf club compartment. It’s best to keep these pockets as light as possible. Since they are so far away from your body’s center of gravity, the weight is magnified and your body has to work extra hard to maintain balance.


The Raon Golf Pack’s design keeps essential items within reach when walking between shots. Pockets on the waist belt are perfect for storing a spare ball and a few extra tees.


See the Raon Accessories page for a specially designed case that mounts to the shoulder strap to ensure your device is always within reach. Access your phone or get your distance without even putting your bag down.